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Dr. Seymour Butts All-Natural Hemorrhoids capsules for pain, itching, swelling and long-term relief. Diosmin, Hesperidin, Horse Chestnut, Butchers Broom. 90 count.


About this item

Homeopathic capsules reduce hemorrhoid swelling,the natural way.

Natural and effective hemorrhoid relief support: a safe and reliable way to help get rid of hemorrhoids and the nagging pain, crazy itching and bleeding without relying on synthetic, short-term quick-fixes

Best combined with Dr. Seymour Butts Ointment: This capsules works internally, so why not maximize its effectiveness by trying our all-natural Alleviate ointment at the same time for fast and soothing relief

Science Backed Based Ingredients: Diosmin fights inflammation and soothes the pain of internal and external hemorrhoids. This 100% natural extract, made from orange peels, reduces swelling and strengthens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation, resulting in healthier veins. Hesperidin is made from citrus peels, Hesperidin increases vascular tone, increases blood flow, improves circulation and reduces stasis (the pooling of the blood in the veins). Horse Chestnut Extract is a natural, safe and potent extract relieves pain and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. Butcher’s broom is used for hemorrhoids, gallstones, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), and for symptoms of poor blood circulation such as pain, heaviness, leg cramps, leg swelling, varicose veins, itching, and swelling.

POWER-PACKED PRODUCT. Dr. Seymour Butts is manufactured at a FDA-registered facility using clinically-tested ingredients. With backing from medical experts, you can rest assured that our products are not only safe, but also effective.

Repair from the inside out: Dr. Seymour Butts proprietary formula provides active, continuing relief with no harmful ingredients and fillers; only pure botanic ingredients for your comfort and safety.

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